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Improving media inventory quality

Improving media buying standards

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Media Inventory

Quality Enhacement

Working with media companies to improve the inventory quality offered to advertisers and reduce the impact of fraud under their domains in exchanges.

We help media publishers on their monetization process by re-thinking and understanding potential platforms, audiences and revenue streams.

ADS.TXT partners and implementation to avoid potential domain spoofing and CPM devaluation in exchanges.

AdFraud Hunter

Helping advertisers  to get the most of their Ad investment.
Analyzing inventory quality,  buying channels, partners and optimizing programmatic campaigns to reduce waste.

Fraudsters are easy to detect.

But keeping inventory safe of fraud done by just using some verification platform insn´t. 
Detailed reports and campaign analysis are necessary to identify the waste of investment.

InCompany Trainings

Developing teams in the context of their organization to understand their unique challenges –  their collective purpose and how they will work together as a team and with other stakeholders. Aligning business, purpose and company objectives.

Developing commitment to a powerful shared purpose.
Creating a culture of trust, confidence and collaboration.
Transforming sales teams in business partners.

About Marcos Christensen


More than 12 years in the digital media and advertising industry, helping comanies thrive in their process of digital Transformation, monetization and audience strategies.

Co-Founder  Arena Sport /  (AFA Sales Partners)
VP Sales at  comScore and NewsCorp.

In 2008, when Digital Advertising Industry was just starting he was in charge of business development  a Latin American saleshouse for premium publishers like Microsoft, Facebook, Viacom, Starmedia and Adnetworks.
Also worked in Dentsu (Carat) Cie Argentina  on the main multi-media networks in Argentina. 
Frequent Speaker at Industry events and Executive Programs.
Digital Consultant for Advertisers , Publishers and Government Entities.



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